Lubricant Penetrant Cleaner


LPC, Lubricant-Penetrant-Cleaner, Premium Penetrating Oil,

Extreme Pressure Properties



"When a crane is down, it costs our shipyard $5000.00 per day for 60 days for servicing and to change out all the bearings which cost $7000.00." Your local rep suggested we switch to your SMG Gold Grease when dealing with worn bearings in order to postpone the service date. We have postponed the servicing for 18 months and counting...saving us over $300,000 in repair costs. A huge return on investment, considering we spent $120 on your grease...and no crane downtime for more than a year and a half." 
    - Maintenance Manager, Shipyard
EXTREME Lubricant / Penetrant / Cleaner 1 ...

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EXTREME Lubricant / Penetrant / Cleaner SP...

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