Food-Grade Grease

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Super FG, Superior Food-Grade Grease,

Approved for Incidental Contact with Food, Hi Temp up to 608 F



"We had a problematic bearing due to very harsh conditions including water wash out and hi temps. We had tried many greases over the years, but never found a solution to this periodic disaster the bearing would cause in our process. We changed to your food grade grease (Super FG) ever since I saw your live demo more than 2 years ago and have not had any such problems since. Although it is more expensive, your grease has saved us lots of downtime and head-aches!"
- Plant Manager, Bakery 
EXTREME SUPER Food-Grade Lubricant 14 oz ...

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EXTREME SUPER Food-Grade Lubricant 14 oz T...

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EXTREME SUPER Food-Grade Lubricant 35lb PAIL

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